Local Goverment, Agencies, News and Schools

City & County Government
City of Washington
Fayette County Page

County Agencies
Fayette Chamber of Commerce
Fayette County Fairgrounds
Fayette County Museum: 740-335-2953

Fayette County Health & Safety
City of Washington Police Department                                              740-636-2375
City of Washington Fire & Rescue Department                                740-636-2362
Fayette County Sheriff                                                                           740-335-6170
Fayette County Emergency Medical Services                                   740-335-6137
Fayette Memorial Hospital                                                                   740-335-1210
Fayette County Health Department                                                    740-335-5910
American Ambulette & Ambulance: A Private Ambulance service in Fayette County
             Address: 1143 US-22, Washington Ct Hs, OH 43160
             Phone: (740) 335-5433

Local News & Media
Record Herald Newspaper
WCHC TV-Channel 3
WCHO Radio
WVNU Radio

Local Schools
Miami Trace Local School
Washington Court House City Schools
Southern State Community College

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