Loan Periods and Fees

Loan Limits: There is a limit of 50 items in total checked out on a card.
  4 Movies (Videos, DVDs, & BluRay Discs)
  4 Music CDs
  15 Audio Books
  50 Books
Loan Periods:
  1 Week *Movies (Videos, DVDs, & BluRay Discs)
  4 Weeks All Other Items


Fines & Fees:
  “Lost” Material Fines: Any material more than 30 days overdue will be considered lost. Additional charges may be added to these items at this time.
  Faxing Fees:
  1-5 pages $1.00 per page
  5-25 pages $5.00 Flat Fee
  26-50 pages $10.00 Flat Fee
  Scanning Fees:  
  1st page FREE
  2-5 pages $1.00 per page
  6-25 pages $2.00 per page
  25-50 pages $5.00 per page
Genealogy Requests: (Suggested donations for requests.)
  1st Obituary or Information Request $5.00
  Each additional Obituary or Information Request $1.00 per request